Release Date:

North America: November 19, 2006

Japan: December 2, 2006

Australia: December 7, 2006

Europe: December 8, 2006

Playable Game Types:

Wii Discs

GameCube Discs



Nintendo 64

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Nintendo Entertainment System


Wii U



The Wii is the most recent home console by Nintendo(not counting the WiiU). It uses motion dete-

ction with wireless remotes. It is able to play Nintendo Wii games and Nintendo GameCube games. The Nintendo GameCube controllers are inserted at the top of the system, along with the GameCube Memory Card. The Wii can me positioned either standing up or on its side. The Wii was released November 19, 2006 in North America. The system has applications called "Channels." An example of one of the Wii's channels is the Weather Channel where the player may check the weather. The end of the Wii's lifetime will come in 2012, when the WiiU will be released. The Wii is available in three colors: White, Black, and Red. The Wii was originally going to be called Revolution and was going to be black. The Wii is one of the only Nintendo systems to be released in North America before it was released in Japan.


The Wii was first released on November 19, 2006. The end of it's lifetime will come in 2012 when the Wii U will be released. The Wii has a new Family Edition being released. This design resembles the Wii U more. The Wii comes in 3 colors. First being released in white, the Wii was later released in black and then in red as a special Mario edition. The Wii can play 2 types of games. It plays Wii and GameCube discs. There are slots in the top of the console for Gamecube Controllers and GameCube memory cards. The Wii was the first system to use remotes or "Wiimotes" as controllers. The Playstation Move, a later installation to the PlayStation series, has a remote controller that resembles the Wii's, except for the big sensor ball on the top.


  • The Wii was one of two Nintendo systems to be released in North America before Japan. The other system was the Nintendo DS.
  • The Wii and NES are the only two Nintendo home consoles to have their name somewhere in their successors(NES-SNES, Wii-Wii U).
  • The Wii Family Edition resembles teh Wii U a little bit more.
  • The Wii is the only Nintendo home console released to play two different types of games.
  • The Wii was the first system to play games from past systems on. (Virtual Console and GameCube Games).