• Qwertyioup

    Blog 7/14

    July 14, 2011 by Qwertyioup

    Hello. This is Qwertyioup, wiki co-owner. We just created Gamer's Unite Gamer's last night and it's already looking pretty good. Please, if you have an idea for a page to add go ahead. Or if you see an error in our information please go ahead and fix it. We love more members getting involved.

    So today, I woke up and went to a extremely tough football workout. I had to do Hang Cleans, Squats, run the bleachers, and run sprints. I am exhausted right now. To make it worse, I have a baseball practice later. O3O So yeah, not much else to say. I'll try to write another blog tommorow. BYE!

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