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The Nintendo DSi is the seccessor to teh DS Lite. The DSi features many new improvements from it's past systems. The Power Button has returned from being switched from button to swith from the Ds to DS Lite. A new AC Adapter replaces the old one. This adapter is a brighter gray than the DS Lite's. There are now 3 power lights on teh left hinge, instead of two on the left hinge. The camera is introduced to the system, one on the outside and one on the inside. Players can now insert SD cards into the system. The volume control has been changed to buttons. The microphone jack is located in a different spot.

Differences From DSiXLEdit

  • The power button on the Dsi is smaller and light gray. On the DSiXL, it is bigger, smoother, and the color of the system.
  • The screens are much bigger.
  • A new more pen-resembling stylus comes with the DSiXL. Also, the DSiXL standard stylus is a little bit bigger than the DSi's.
  • The front hood of the DSiXL is more shiny.
  • Different olors are available for DSi and DSiXL.